Rindex Counterweights

Goodbye deformations

Make delicate parts without clamping marks. 

Waste not, want not

Less quality checks and rework needed.

Speed up – for fast returns

Manufacture parts up to three times faster simply by turning faster. 

Manufacturing made easy

Produce short series with a profit.

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A Deep Dive Into Rindex Counterweights

The Rindex System is truly revolutionary. By combining our patented counterweights and Multi Jaws, you can easily triple your productivity when machining delicate parts or soft materials.

Increased machining time means reduced costs, faster deliveries, and more competitive pricing. A clear win-win for you and your customers. 

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Loosen up

Stay well within tolerance requirements when handling soft and/ or thin-walled materials. Make round parts with excellent finish without clamping marks, as dynamic clamping force remain stable throughout the chucks scope of practice. No need for subsequent grinding.

No fear of letting go

Choose spindle speed without safety concerns. Rindex Counterweights make sure that your parts stay in place, even when using large, heavy jaws far out on the chuck.

No more compromises

Do not compromise between high quality production and metal removal rate. Follow instructions from your cutting tool provider – without choosing between clamping force and RPM. Rest assured that your parts will meet, or even exceed, tolerance requirements when manufactured according to best practice.

Optimize for your business objectives                

Maximize business value by turning up to three times faster. Focus on:

  • High quality – produce work to demanding specifications
  • Low production cost – win more offers
  • Max profit – large series
  • Max output – shorten delivery time

Become #1 supplier

Take on more jobs and difficult tasks. Efficiency allows for less machine downtime and increased capacity. Reach out to more customers and expand your business reach. 

Optimization made easy

Most operations require several different cutting tools, each with different torque and clamping force requirements. Rindex Counterweights dynamically adjust the clamping force with spindle speed. By adding and removing weights, the optimal clamping force curve can be used for each tool, meaning consistently high-quality output without adjusting the static clamping force.

The necessary calculations are easily made using your tool provider’s software and MPC’s calculator. Read some success stories, and learn more about how it is done here .


A machinist’s best friend

Inspection and error correction of work in progress take up 50% of internal setup time.  More consistent processes mean fewer errors and less time spent on setup. The Rindex System allows for kN/RPM settings for different tools and operations to be standardized and easily handed out to machinists, who may have different levels of knowledge and experience. Those machinists then don’t have to worry about making mistakes in setup that will result in lost time and productivity.

Rindex Multi Jaws free up time for the operator, but the counterweights increase manufacturing speed. This suggests that the operator would spend any saved time on servicing the now more productive machine. However, the difference is more than made up for by the saving in:

  • Inspection
  • Rework
  • Trial and error

New cutting tool technology reduces the clamping force needed for several operations. By combining:

  • the best cutting tools for the job, with…
  • Rindex Multi-Jaws, providing 100 % clamping surface,…
  • using a higher friction jaw material, such as aluminum, and …
  • Rindex counterweights, …

you can approach zero clamping force, with the highest possible quality as a result. Do not forget to wash your raw material clean for the best result!

Set and forget

Counterweights can be attached to your primary or secondary spindle.


No set-up cost

Quick set-up, or detachment, with special set up tool. 


Low maintenence

Our counterweights seal the chuck surface, resulting in much less chuck maintenance.

  • Shorter delivery time
  • Partial delivery
  • No clamping marks
  • Superior surface finish

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Reduce rework and measurement time

Success stories

With our new product line, there are many ways to success. Read about how and why the Rindex system is a prize winnig product. 


Get inspired by others

Find out how other manufacturers use mpc's products to enhence productivity and profits.

Every company is unique

Find out how much money you'll save

Calculate your profits

An Example

Normal Output = 50 pieces an hour (32% in cirkle diagram to the left).

By cutting rework (21%), inspection (8%) and jaw change time (13%) you can produce an extra 65 pieces an hour. That is an increase by 131% to a total of 115 pieces.

When turning 3 times faster = 115 * 3 = 345 pieces can be made.

That increases the number of parts per minute with 600%. According to sandviks calculations, that equals a gross margin increase with 300 %, or…

A decrease in component cost by 85%.

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Data from Sandvik Coromant*, calculations by MPC

Decrease component cost with up to 85+ %,

By … Increasing spindle speed with up to 3 times,

Cutting rework-, inspection and jaw change time.

Resulting in … 300increase gross margin.



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Thin walled and/or sensitive parts need low initial clamping force.
Size, weight and location of jaws will greatly reduce clamping forces as spindle speed (RPM) increase.

Increased machine operation time and metal removal rate will have huge impact on overall costs. 

Trade Of:
Clamping Force (KN) VS: Spindle Speed (RPM)

When clamping force is set to 10 kN, the maximal spindle speed is about 1000 RPM.

This effects number of parts/ minute, surface structure and cutting tool life. 

You will not be able to follow recomendations from your cutting tool provider.

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When using an 8 hour shift, machine operating time is equal to about 2 hours.

By increasing spindle speed, you will be able to produce more in those 2 hours.

Spreed up, for fast returns 

Counterweights can increase metal removal rate by a factor of 3, or 200%, when applicable.

A 200% metal removal rate increase equals a 70% lower component cost and a 3 times increase in gross margin.

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By producing high quality parts without clamping marks and deformations, you can:

  • Reduce rework  
  • Reduce Measurement time 
  • Eliminate waste and thus…
  • Order less raw materials to keep in stock.

View profit diagrams

Your machine time is extreamly valuable. So is your customer relations as well as your ability to bring in new business.  

By increasing productivity (turn faster) and  quality (soft clamping), you will be able to take on more customers. 

Every company is unique

The value that our counterweights will bring to your business depends on your type of manufacturing. The more you are willing to change your manufacturing today, the more money you will make down the line. 

If you are making simple parts, use our simple counterweghts and simply turn faster with less clamping force. Since they are easy to set up and use there is no need to invest much time with experimenting with optimal RPM and Clamping forces.   

However, if you make more difficult and time consuming parts, where several operations needed, you want to optimize production. Especially if you have repeting jobs. Then, by experimenting with extra weights, you can find a “sweet spot” where your cutting tools perform at top with right clamping force and RPM.    

By investing in future technology early, you are ahead of your competition. 

Make your own calculation

With Rindex system mounted on several machines where jaw changes are more frequent, you get exponential returns. Make your own calculations on our website here.

Shapes and sizes

We have three models available to you, to cover your every need. 

Our Equalizer model will let you clamp at half the force, using your existing jaws and t-nuts. You can end up with 150% increased gross margin.

Our Revolution model allow you to use Rindex Multi Jaws – the smart change solution. Save time when the machine is in use or at standstill amounting to 300 % higher gross margin.

Our Optimizer model could change your way of planning and operating  machining. By loading your revolver with the optimal cutting tools, you can let extra weights effect clamping forces to produce perfect parts every time, without changing clamping pressure in between operations.

  • Centrifugal force compensation
  • Compatible with standard chucks
  • Compatible with standard soft jaws
  • Different sizes and weights available
  • Fully seald chuck center

Increase spindle speed for faster returns. Use Rindex quick with Rindex multi-jaws to save time when the machine is in use or at standstill.

  • Centrifugal force compensation
  • Maximal spindle speed optional
  • Compatible with Rindex quick change Multi-Jaws
  • Set and forget base jaws
  • Compatible with standard chucks
  • Different sizes and weights available
  • Fully seald chuck center

Included: Case, setup Tripod, One set of base jaws, t-nuts


  • Centrifugal force compensation
  • Maximal spindle speed optional
  • Compatible with Rindex quick change Multi-Jaws
  • Set and forget base jaws
  • Optimal clamping force optional
  • For I.D clamping compensation
  • Additional weights for vibration control
  • Compatible with standard chucks
  • Different sizes and weights available

Included: Case, setup Tripod, One set of base jaws, t-nuts, centrifugal force measurement machine (loan), one set of extra weights 

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