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Our slogan: “Make more out of less” reflects our products effect on improving productivity.  

MPC Automation Systems AB was founded in 1986. Since then, we have marketed CNC-machines, sold and developed accessories and software for automation of CNC machines. One of our best selling pcoducts, the Grippex Bar puller, has been a world wide success and represents our strive to make great things better

Our latest product line, flexable quick jaws with counterweights takes our legacy into the 21st century.

Our team

Bo Svensson - Founder

Bo is a product developer at heart. He has had a career as a salesman, software developer and inventor. The patented products sold at MPC are the work of Bo’s tireless efforts to make great thing s better. 

Joel Jönsson - CEO

Second generation product developer, now taking the family company to new heights. Contact Joel for questions regarding manufacturing, sales, product specifics, opportunities, etc. related to our Rindex product line.

Åsa Svensson - CFO

Åsa is handling orders, invoices, purchases etc. as well as taking care of our customers, agents, and resellers. Contact Åsa for various administrational tasks and  questions related to Grippex barpullers

Lorenzo Garcia - Key account manager

Lorenzo has been with the company from the start, taking care of our customers, agents, and resellers. Contact Lorenzo for questions related to Grippex barpullers, such as product specifics, price lists, discounts, terms of delivery etc. 

Amila Kadribasic - Graphic Designer

Ami helps us to stay on top, making sure our products are presented right.

Eva Jönsson -Accountant

Eva takes care of the books at the company, keeping things in balance. 

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